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At UQ Power we believe success equals how many lives you improve so we've partnered with one of our favourite charities Got Your Back Sista to create a unique one-for-one corporate giving program.
For every culture shift workshop we deliver, we make a donation to the Got Your Back Sista charity to run a Healthy Relationships and self-defence workshop for local high school students. It's a one-to-one, win win win!

We are committed to raising the consciousness of businesses and how they impact the world around us in ways that are simple  to execute, with minimal effort and maximum impact. These Healthy Relationships programs in schools allow organisations to improve future community and workplace cultures by educating our young people about how to create healthy relationships or avoid those that are not. 

Here's some of the businesses who we have worked with and the schools that have benefited.

Sleepy's Kotara

A word from our Founder and CEO Heidi Alexandra:

"Only a few short years ago I was the Director of Communications at a large government agency and was frustrated because I had built an amazing team of 75 talented, committed individuals but had been unable to affect broader change in an organization and political system that was fraught with issues. I wanted to change the world and while the 75 people in my team was a start ,it wasn’t enough.

The great thing I had discovered in growing this committed, cohesive team over a period of 7 years was that our team power came from empowering each individual to work within their UQ Power spot or genius zone, the place where their unique gifts flourished and came to the fore, and use their strengths to contribute to the greater good of our Group. It worked. But it wasn't enough. 

I stayed several years too long in my corporate job. I even resigned three times before I finally got out and by then it was more like a prison break than a resignation. For I had found myself in an environment where Container Managers flourished, where rules, regulations, policies and adherence were the norm and I realised that I'd gotten to a point where I looked like my fellow workers in other areas of the organisation - stifled and underwhelmed. As I looked across the other Divisions and Departments that were suffering from change fatigue and bureaucracy bedlam I aw there were no bright shiny eyes, just a bunch of corporate refugees.

That and the fact that my physical body was suffering from adrenal fatigue were good signs that I was in the wrong place.

Don't let that be you.

My key learning from my 15 years in corporate and government world was that "When individuals are happy in their career and business and feel respected as an individual, they are generally happier and better people in all aspects of their lives." I found that if we truly wish to be free to live a life we love we need to be prepared to uncover our unique strengths and motivations, because tapping into our Uniqueness, our UQ sweet spot is where we will find the inner power to become our best self. If you want to be true to yourself, you have to respond to the call of your unique gifts. If you don't, the call will usually get louder and louder and you will become more and more miserable as I did.

Fast forward to today and as CEO of UQ Power I teach the power of discovering your uniqueness and seeing, appreciating and respecting the uniqueness of others. From my own experience and that of the dozens of companies I have consulted with I know that happy workforces grow profitable businesses that give back to the community . My mission today is to change the world one leader at a time.

Given work is a place where the majority of us spend our waking hours I want to encourage companies to begin living and delivering on the promise to value their people as their most important asset. Why would companies want to do that? Because the evidence is clear that satisfied, more committed employees help improve a company’s performance. I created UQ Power as a concept, a company and a movement because I believe that the philosophy it describes can help organisations deliver on their commitment to people and in doing so create happier workers who then have happier home lives, creating more peaceful, respectful and prosperous communities while at the same time contributing to the success of the company so that it can reach its strategic goals.

For organisations UQ starts with recognizing and embracing the humanity, the equality and the unique value of each person. That is the UQ is about trusting and respecting every employee for who they are not what they have done or have not done. This means all managers need to get to know their employees individual UQ, not just see them as team members or workers. That involves time and sincere interest in each person. It starts with individuals and in particular leaders, middle managers and those in organisations who have the authority and the opportunity to make a difference.

I believe an outcome of people and companies honoring and respecting people’s Uniqueness will see a more human and connected world and the return of connection, community and respect for human rights. I believe business can be the catalyst for bringing people together for the pursuit of purposeful lives while treating others as unique individuals with respect, compassion and dignity.

Imagine the difference you could make in your team, department, company or community if you started recognising and celebrating the Unique UQ Power each person has. I invite you to join me on this journey. It starts with U."

By Heidi Alexandra Pollard March 2013 

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What Our Tribe Say

Heidi Alexandra has been the source of much information strategy and innovation that has seen me push the boundaries on social media internally and improved my local and national profile and that of my firm tremendously. Jeremy Kennedy, Director, Australian Business Lawyers and Associates
I would recommend UQ Power to anyone that is seeking support, guidance and growth in their business. Catherine Miller, Human Resources Manager, Allightsykes